Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

J3 Concepts (Bringing artists together)

My good friend, Jared Nickerson, recently invited me to be a part of an awesome project with his studio, Jthree Concepts. He created a character called “The Last Vampire Astronaut” and compiled a group of artists to recreate her in their own style. I was honored to be considered a part of this phenomenal group!

I have to say, working with Jared is a dream come true! Not only is he endlessly talented, but totally encouraging and completely supportive of the artists he works with!

This is Jared’s original character that we had to go by. His attention to detail is insanely inspiring!

This was my concept sketch of the character…

Here she is all cleaned up and inked…

And finally brought to life with colored pencil, watercolor and ink…

Huge thanks to Jared for including me on this project! I’m totally looking forward to the next one!

Check out the other artists and their versions here: The Last Vampire Astronaut



  1. Any chance of a series?

  2. There's talk of a second run of this project with new artists and possibly a future gallery show in Seattle, however this is all up to Jared and the J3 Concepts team.

  3. Those are the most adorable disembodied brains. Looks like a fun project! It's always neat to see how different people approach the same character.

  4. Wow, I just discovered your work and I really love your style.
    Do you have an online shop ?

  5. Thanks Catherine! An online shop is in the works ;)