Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Let Me Show You My Secrets

Hello out there in art land!

I just finished my latest painting for my next show. I'm really loving the solid black backgrounds on these with the bits of gold trim. This piece is titled "Let Me Show You My Secrets" and is 18x24inches acrylic on wood 2011.

I love to see how other artists work so I posted a couple of close up detail shots and progress pics in case you do too. Enjoy!

"Let Me Show You My Secrets"

Details of her face and makeup...

Details of her lace edge, flowers and "G" key...

Progress pic of the first couple layers...

My new skeleton Domo with some more progress behind him...

And a little more progress before I finished her up...

Well that about wraps it up for this painting. On to the next. Thanks for the love a support guys. Making art would mean nothing without you! 


  1. So beautiful and sexy. You inspire me.

  2. Really nice, and sexy, great use of light and colors. Following your work here and g+ :) nice to meet you.

  3. Thanks Giovanny! It's a pleasure to meet you as well!

  4. I love the solid black with gold trim too! I love seeing work in progress photos too. Once again, an amazing piece, Glenn!

  5. I cant get enough of your style it seems soo light and and weightless yet its paint and wood canvas ive followed your work from instagram to here but im glad I get to study up a little more on your techniques on here since instagram doesnt give much but I love love your work. And of course the beautiful ladies you paint (their not referenced female friends ;) are they haha.